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Women and mothers go in search of their children and husbands as the crisis swallows many in the English regions of Cameroon

Écrit par sur 21 octobre 2021


Memories of the tragic death of 5 year old Caro Ndialle are still fresh in the minds of the people in the South West and North West regions. Early this October 18 2021, women, mothers invaded streets of Mile 8 Mankon in the North West chanting where are our children? Where are our fathers? Where are our mothers? amidst the gunshots and the ghostown.

Another chorus urging government to resolve the 5 year crisis which has claimed thousands and pushed many out of home to neighbouring towns and countries. The women of Mile 8 did a redo of what women of the task force in the two English speaking regions had done in September last year after the brutal killing of 7 school kids at a private school in Fiango-Kumba.

Caro Ndialle was reportedly killed by a bullet which reached her inside the car as her mother tried escaping a gendarme checkpoint in Bokova-Buea.

Till date findings into the real cause of her demise have not been made public but public opinion has widely condemned the military whom they blame for attrocities on civilians.Their plea remains peace.


Mireille Ngaket (Stg)

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