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Following the passing away of Yaoundé based animator MARTINEZ ZOGO, the Cameroon journalist trade union has released a strong-worded statement.

Écrit par sur 23 janvier 2023

Denouncing the heinous murder and his consequences which further restrict freedom and security in our country, Indexes the outlaws, who usurp the sovereignty of the people for the benefit of unmentionable anti-people interests.

The CJTU Once again urges the public administration to be fully accountable for the security of the people and their right to life, encourages the international community to contribute to the reinforcement of the safety of media men and women in Cameroon and in the world, declares its solidarity with any initiative taken to block the path of this barbaric and senseless act which signify a darker future for our country.

Calls on the police to respond appropriately to this assassination by conducting investigations to find and punish the culprits, the release also calls on media workers to wear black on Wednesday 25 January 2023 to mourn.

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