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End of year festivities : Douala city mayor communes with the population.

Écrit par sur 29 décembre 2020

Roger Mbassa Ndine distributed basic needs to over 30 Internally displaced persons and under privileged in the Wouri division. This exercise is the first communion of the city mayor and the population since his election in March 2020.


Present during the ceremony on December 23,2020,
Wouri SDO Benjamin MBOUTOU encouraged the living together in the Mbanga-Japoma vicinity in the Douala three district urging quater heads to be resilient.

Mayor Mbassa Ndine equally launched the first edition of Douala Fiesta which engulfs end of year festivities in the economic city. Douala Fiesta is open air concerts positioned in the Douala 2,3,4 and 6 districts that will spin from December 22 to January 2nd to enable denizens enjoy the festive season just like Ya-fe in Yaounde.

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