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Douala, on a hot Tuesday morning. Workers of the hygiene and sanitation company HYSACAM are sitted at the main entrance to the head office of the institution with placards hoping to make their voices heard * We are not putting a stop to this unless we get bank alerts of our wage paid into our accounts* One of the striking workers shouted.

The men wearing sad faces are demanding the regular payment of their wage, better working conditions, availability of milk, individual protection kits and also social insurance. Demands which keep coming up each time workers of the hygiene and sanitation company in Cameroon go on rampage. This action is just a realisation of threats uttered in July when they announced a protest on July 30 and August 10.

So far 153 workers have received a formal notice from hierachy in which is clearly stated  » If we come late, we shall be fired without any regret. Right now, some of us know they’ll be sacked » says a worker this time at the Nkolfoulou truck park in Yaounde. « Since July, these fathers and husbands have been working tirelessly without any pay making life difficult for them. My wife is very angry at home. I have been unable to perform my financial obligations as the man of the house and it is degarding » Brice cries out.

As it is the case each time HYSACAM workers strike, talks are held with the administration and some money is disbursed. Only, HYSACAM management is blaming government for not paying in its debts for the effective running of activities.


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