February 14, A day to celebrate Love as a love Tragedy!

Ecrit par le 10 mars 2020

Ngarbuh, a farming locality situated at the borders of Wimbum and Nso, Donga Mantung division of the North West Region of Cameroon is today a world known area due to a 2020 Valentine’s Day massacre. Inhabitants woke up next day February 15 to houses razed, and charred bodies of neighbours and friends.

“What happened?” The big question! Images circulated on social media like wildfire spreading in the Amazon forest, with accusing fingers pointing to government military forces.
Four days later, the Ministry of Defence reacted – “5 persons were killed amongst whom 4 children and 1 pregnant woman”, adding that 7 separatist fighters were neutralized during a military raid. International powers like the USA, UN, Commonwealth, Francophonie have condemned the gruesome killings, calling on the government of Cameroon to investigate and shed light into what has become known as the #NGARBUH MASSACRE.

At local level, NGOs and other media practitioners put the death toll at 25.
Believing both parties is not leisurely.  Government defence and security forces have been accused of such acts even in the Far North Region of Cameroon, in the fight against the Boko Haram group. However, video footages have also emerged of alleged separatists gruesomely getting rid of those they term “Black legs” – traitors to their course.

The international NGO Human Rights Watch worsened the polemicized situation by affirming it had images of Ngarbuh and eyewitness accounts, wherein the Cameroon military is seen killing people – 13 children and 1 pregnant woman in a group of about 21 persons. Its February 25 outing rather gave the Cameroon government an arena to boast of the prowess of its defence forces, not without reiterating that the February 14, 2020 tragedy in Ngarbuh was unplanned.
Be it 5, 21, or 27 dead, the people of Ngarbuh will forever remember the Valentine’s Day massacre in Ngarbuh, in memory of their loved ones who perished to the cold hands of death!


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